PAS Regions

The Pierce-Arrow Society has several active regional groups across the country. These groups hold local meetings and tours and publish their own newsletter. Joining one of the regions is a great way to meet other Pierce-Arrow enthusiasts in your area. Members of the local regions often travel together to the Annual Meet.


Canal Region

Director:  Karl Krouch

Chesapeake Region

Director:  Robert Brown

Dixie Region

Director:  William Lyons

Southern Delta Region

Director:  Merlin Smith

Florida Region

Director:  Brooks Brierley

Great Lakes Region – GLR

Director:  Jane Barclay

New England Region

Director:  Bob Dluhy and John Walsh

Northern California Region – NorCal

Director:  Bob Jacobsen

Pacific Northwest Region

Director:  Richard V. Anderson

Southern California Region

Director: Craig Claypool

Texas Region

Director:  Open

Southwest Region

Director: Open

Rocky Mountain Region

Director: Open

Plains Region

Director: Open

Mid-America Region

Director: Open